Whether you are an owner of a commercial or a residential complex, regular maintenance of your septic system is important  Your property is valued on its overall status, which includes your septic tank. Looking for ways to prolong the life of your septic system? Here are some important considerations.

  • The septic tank system is divided into three parts. The first part consists of sludge that is decomposed by bacteria, the second part consists of water that is drained and dissipates in a drain field. What needs attention are the solids, known as scum. These materials that float on the top of the tank do not readily decompose and need attention. Professional services are required from time to time to get rid of that top layer.
  • Maintenance of your home’s septic tank is not typically something a home owner is able to take on. You’ll want to find a reliable company capable of septic system maintenance and upkeep. Choosing a qualified and licensed septic company is important. Your septic company should be able to help educate you about your specific system and make recommendations specific to your set up.
  • The location of trees is important to note to ensure that roots don’t cause the tank to crack. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid covering the tank with extremely heavy slabs as those can cause permanent damage to the tank.
  • The cost of maintaining a septic system is dependent on the size and type of tank. A cohesive inspection should help establish a baseline for both ongoing maintenance services as well as any items that may require immediate attention. A good septic company will advise you on how frequently cleaning is needed and the maintenance systems they will recommend and implement.

If you can choose the right company with the right experience for the maintenance of your septic system, you are likely to save a lot of money in the long run.

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